If your General Purpose Zig Zag
Foot looks like Slant Needle foot
in this chart, your machine style
is a Singer Slant Needle.
Look at your machine from the
left side and if your presser foot
and needle slants towards the
front of the machine it is a slant
shank. Your machine will
always have a top loading
bobbin, either self winding or
on the outside of the machine.  
Some feet are designed for the
Singer Slant needle machines,
and others will need another
shank like the one below

Singer Slant Shank  
This shank will make any of
these snap on feet fit a slant
needle shank machine. You'll
love how easy it is to use.
*This shank will work with any
slant shank Singer machine*
****One word of caution -
Do not  take soles on and off.
This is a plastic shank and can
snap easily. If you have favorite
feet, buy 1 for each foot and
don't put the strain on taking
the foot on and off.****
Reg. $9.95
Special Internet $8.95  

1/4 inch Seam Foot for Singer
Allows for a quick 1/4" seam
allowance. Great for piecing
quilts or try it for pertect
Reg. Price: $16.99
Sale Price: $13.99  

Metal 1/4" Patchwork Foot  
Metal 1/4" foot with 1/8" seam
allowance w/ guide
Reg. 19.95
Internet Special 15.95  

Singer Slant Needle Zig Zag
Presser Foot
This is the universal foot for
your Singer Slant Needle
machine. Take a look at your
machine from the end by the
needle. If your needle bar
slants forward at the bottom,
your machine is a Slant needle.
This was the best in the Singer
line for the last half of the 20th
century. Generally these
machines were known as the
gear drive machines vs. the belt
drive machines. When serviced
regularly, they still are a great
machine. Sometimes, the foot
can become bent and should be
replaced. You will thank
yourself for investing in
something this small.
Reg. $5.95
Internet $4.95

Singer Slant Needle Straight
Stitch Foot  
Designed to sew a straight
stitch on lightweight fabrics
without skipping stitches.
Reg. $5.95
Special Internet $4/95  
Buttonhole Foot  

Slant Buttonhole Foot with
Side Gauge
Reg. $6.95
Special Internet $5.95  

Big Foot - Singer Slant  
This Big Foot for Singer Slant
Needle machines solves your
free motion machine quilting
problems. This foot gives you
more surface contact and better
visiblity with clear lexan.
Reg. $26.00
Special Internet Price $22.50  

Giant Darning / Quilting Foot  
Big clear plastic foot allows you
to see through with more
control and contact on the
fabric when you do quilting.
Prevents puckering when doing
free-motion quilting.
Spring loaded shank makes
operating easier.
Reg. $14.95
Special Internet $12.95  

Ditch Quilting Foot Singer
Slant Needle
Sew “in the ditch” of a seam
with this snap-on foot. The
extended guide helps you stay
in the seam while the machine
stitches. It’s perfect for quilt
tops and garment construction
on waistbands, etc.
Reg. Price: $14.95
Sale Price: $12.95  

Darning Foot Singer Slant  
Spring loaded foot for free-
motion embroidery, quilting,
free form monogramming, and
Reg. $7.95
Special Internet $6.95  

Slant Needle Even Feed with
Quilting Guide
Detachable and adjustable quilt
guide for quilters. Helps prevent
layers of fabric from shifting
and slipping with detachable
and adjustable guide. Great for
matching plaids.
Reg. $36.95
Internet Special $24.95  

Slant Needle Singer Even
Feed (421333-451)
Helps prevent layers of fabric
from shifting and slipping. Great
for matching plaids.
Reg. $19.99
Special Internet $17.99  

Touch & Sew Spool Cap  
Singer Spool Holders - Double
sponge cushion for small,
medium and large thread spools.
For Singer 600 series, 700
series, 900 series, 2000 series,
1030 series, 500 and 800 Stylist
series and others
Reg. $2.95
Special Internet $2.50  

Spool Holder / Lead off  
Double end for medium and
large thread spools
For all new horizontal thread
systems including 4600, 5800,
6200, 7200, 9000, 9100, 9200,
9400, 9900 series, 6620,
57817, 57820, 8220 and others.
Reg. $3.95
Special Internet $3.50  

Flat Feller Foot Snap On  
The lap hemmers are specially
designed to let your sewing
machine do the work for you on
flat fell seams.
They prevent raveling since raw
edges are totally enclosed.
To use on a Singer Slant Needle
Machine - you will probably
need a shank adapter.
Reg $16.95
Internet Only $14.95  

Double Welting Feet  
Welting feet are indispensable
for creating welting or cording
for a great fashion statement in
clothing or home decorating.
Reg $16.95
Internet $14.95  

Singer Slant Roller Foot  
For more control, less friction
when sewing on imitation
leather, vinyl, elastic, velvet.
Reg. $9.99
Special Internet $8.50  

Singer Slant Needle Blind
Hem Foot
Place fold of fabric against black
guide for an invisible blind hem,
even topstitching and fabric
Reg. $6.95
Special Internet $5.95  

Slant Needle Beading Foot  
Fashion Beading Foot
Sew on beads up to 5-6mm.
Make corded pintucks
Use for piping 1/8, 1/4", & 3/8".
Reg. $19.99
Special Internet $16.99  

Open Toe Embroidery Feet  
This foot is a must for applique,
embroidery and decorative
stitching. Open slant bottom
channel allows decorative work
to flow through. Snap on.
Reg. $6.95
Internet Special $5.95  

Adjustable Bias Binder Foot  
For use with 3/4" - 1 1/8"
single fold bias tape, to edge
quilted or non quilted fabrics.
This device attaches bias
binding evenly and easily in one
operation rather than the usual
2 step method. It works best on
straight edges. You may use a
zig zag or decorative stitch with
this device.
Reg. $14.95
Internet Special $9.95  

Edge Joining Feet  
A helpful foot for sewing a
perfectly straight line along an
edge. Gives great
Reg. $16.95
Special Internet $14.95  

Ruffler - Singer Slant  
The Ruffler quickly and easily
produces professional looking
ruffles or pleats. The ruffle
regulator allows ruffles to range
from very tight to loose. Ruffles
can be a single layer or a double
Reg. $24.99
Special Internet $19.99  

Overedge Foot  
This foot has a nice wide bar that
will keep your fabric flat rather than
curl up. This gives you a much
neater professional appearance. Can
be used with a built in overedge
stitch or just plain zig zag.
Available in low or Singer slant
Reg. $11.99
Special Internet $9.99
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