The Curve Master  
Reg. $29.95
Special Internet $27.99  
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will fit.


June Tailor Free-Motion Quilting
This has been developed to allow the quilt
sandwich to move with ease while free
motion quilting.
Reg. $23.99
Special Internet $20.49  

EZ Quilt Clips  
Unique shape designed especially for
machine quilting. Made of smooth plastic
that retains tension. Two per card.
Reg. $3.25
Internet $2.99  

Jaws™ Quilt Clip  
Holds quilts firmly. Made of a flexible
material called Lexan®. Opens easily and
with just a twist it is ready to be put in
place. Contains four clips: two small, two
Reg. $6.50
Special Internet $5.50  

Collins Quilter's Bicycle Clips  
Made of chrome-coated spring steel. Can be
used to clamp around the roll of batting to
keep it from unrolling when hand quilting
and machine quilting. Two per card.
Reg. $6.90
Special Internet $5.95  

Self-Sticking Quick Grips  
Easy to use! No messy glue. Just peel pad
from backup paper and apply to template.
Apply to each corner of the template to keep
the fabric from moving when using a rotary
cutter. Each package contains 56
selfsticking grips
Reg. $2.50
Internet $2.20  

Collins Wonder Wheel  
Adds 1/4" seam allowance around any
template evenly and accurately..
Reg. $1.15
Internet $.99  

Quilter's Quarter Marker™  
Quilter's Quarter Marker™ — Mark quarter
inch match points with ease! Use for
rectangles, squares, stars, attic windows,
clam shell, hexagons, double wedding ring,
and hundreds of other designs. Includes
45°, 60°, 90°, 120°, and
135° angles.
Reg. $5.95
Special Internet $5.25  

the “original black and yellow rulers  
Offers a multitude of distinct advantages.
Some of the features that you can expect
include: a double sight line; specially
designed for both left and right handed use;
made of heavy duty
acrylic; laser cut within .005 inch accuracy;
and multiple degree bias lines (allows users
to make 30o, 45°, 60°, and 90° cuts).  

OmniGrid® 6" x 6" Square  
Makes up to a perfect 6" finished square.
Perfect for miniatures, lap work, baby quilts,
squaring, etc. Great for checking diagonal
half squares.
A Great Benefit of the Omnigrid Products is
the color. The yellow and black markings is
a great help with all colored fabrics
including prints.
Reg. $9.99
Special Internet $9.99  

OmniGrid® 6" x 12" Ruler  
Small but versatile, those applications in
sewing, crafts, quilting and weaving where
a mini-ruler is more convenient.
O12 OmniGrid® 6" x 12" Ruler —
Convenient for
cutting after the long strips are done. Also
fits into a workbag easily.
Reg. $12.99
Special Internet $11.99  

Salem Rulers  
4" x 4" Salem Ruler  One color; 45° and 60°
angles; 1/8" grids; 1/4" seam guide.
Reg. $4.50
Special Internet $3.99

12" x 12" Salem Ruler  
One color; 45° and 60° angles; 1/2" seam
guide; numbered for centering X hairs in
dead center.
Reg. $17.95
Special Internet $15.95  

Salem Folding Square  
"One of my favorite tools is the Salem
Folding-Square, a jointed ruler that's great
for making large appliqué' blocks."  Quoted
directly from Jane Townswick's "Artful
Appliqué", this great product makes any
size square up to 24 inches in length!  
Hinged Plexiglas square designed to take
away the hassle of finding the right size
square for any project you might have.  
When folded for storage, it looks much like
our popular SR-1 with mitered ends.  
Opened, it resembles a framing square.  It
is made of clear Plexiglas and hinged with a
strong adhesive tape developed for this
ruler.  The hinge will last the life of this
ruler if handled with care.  We suggest
using the 12-Square with the Folding-
Square when you have a need to keep a
design centered as you cut a square.  
Instructions included.  This tool is
guaranteed to make life,
and squares, much less stressful!!! Services Inc.

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