Flexible Looper Threader  
This is a tool I cannot be without. It makes
and easy job of getting more difficult
threads like Metroflock wooly nylon through
the eye of the looper.
Reg. 3 / $1.00
Internet Special $.90

Horizontal Thread Holder  
For all sergers. Made of heavy duty plastic.
Keeps decorative threads neatly on spools.
Can also be used on sewing machines with
horizontal thread holders to keep thread
vertical. Install easily onto existing thread
spool holder.
Reg. $6.95
Special Internet $5.95

Looper Threader  
For easy threading
of loopers on overlock machines.
Reg. $2.25
Special Internet $1.90

Amazing Thread Cushions  
Provides stable base for decorative and
specialty thread when used on sewing
machines and sergers
Simply place on spindle beneath spool
It is "amazing how something so simple can
create a smoother flow of the thread
5 Cushions per package.
Reg. $3.95
Special Internet $3.25  

Serger Magic  
Takes all the work out of
preparing to sew with a serger. Serger
Magic is a round disk that allows you to
write down your favorite settings. You'll
never have to guess again as to what
the serger settings are. Can be used with
any serger.
Reg. $4.99
Special Internet $2.50 Services Inc.
phone:  518 456-0602  
fax:  518 877-5653  
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