Needles - Overlock (HA-1SP)  
Assorted Size 11 and 14
Set of two size 11 and three size 14
serger needles. Factory recommended for
Janome sergers.
Part Number: 784860100
Compulock Computerized Serger
MyLock 134D Serger
MyLock 204D Serger
MyLock 634D Serger
Reg. $5.99
Special Internet $4.99

Overlock Needles  
Have you ever heard the term "recommended
Some specialty machines are a perfect
example of this. We all try many different
media's with our overlocks for some very
"showy" results.
Some machines take a specific size, while
others just perform better with special
If you don't see the needle you need, please
email me for information.
Reg. $5.99
Special Internet $5.25  

DC X 1F or BL X 1  
Needles size for many Babylock and
Simplicity ovlerlocks.

Reg. $5.99
Special Internet $5.25  

Singer Overlock Needles  
Singer Overlock machines wich specify a
2054-06 needle. Will also fit any brand
that requires a BL X1 or JL X 1 needle.
3 Needles
Reg. $3.29
Special Internet $2.99  

Singer Overlock Needle 2054-42  
Singer Overlock machines wich specify a
2054-42 needle.
10 Needles
Reg. $15.00
Special Internet $12.75 Services Inc.
phone:  518 456-0602  
fax:  518 877-5653  
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Overlock Needles