Needles, Needles, Needles
Does it matter what needle I use?
It sure does!  Just take a look at how
these needles do what they are designed for.
American and European Needle Sizing
The following shows the conversion between
American and European Needles:
American 8 9 10 11 12 14 16 18
European 60 65 70 75 80 90 100 110  
The larger the number, the thicker the needle. Larger
needles are appropriate for heavier fabrics and
smaller needles are appropriate for finer fabrics.
Smaller needles will allow more detail in embroidery
work. The most common needle we sell is the
Universal Needle Size 80/12.
Universal needles are the most common needle used
in embroidery, quilting and normal sewing. They
have a slight ball point and are appropriate for either
woven or knitted fabrics.
Ball Point Needles The Ball Point needle has a
medium ball point and is appropriate for knitted
materials and especially to prevent runs.
Topstitch Needle is extra sharp, has an extra large
eye and has a large groove to accommodate topstitch
Denim Needle is for use on very densely woven
materials. The point is extra sharp for easier
penetration of these fabrics.
Leather Needles Leather Needles have a slight
cutting point for leather and heavy non-woven
synthetics. Not for use on knits!

Double (or Twin) Needles Two needles on a
cross-bar with a single shaft sews two lines of
stitching at the same time. Can be used with zig-zag
sewing machines that thread from front to back.
Triple Needles Three needles on a cross bar with a
single shaft sews three lines of stitching at the same
Wing (or Hemstitch) Needles Used for decorative
stitching on tightly woven fabrics. The double
hemstitch needle has one wing needle and one
regular needle on a cross bar with a single shaft.
Twin Needle Numbers Twin Needles are identified
with two separate numbers such as 2.0/80. The 2.0
specifies the distance in millimeters between needles
and the 80 is the needle size.
The Microtex Sharp needles are appropriate for fine
detail on woven materials.
The Machine Embroidery needle has a larger eye and
a special design in the scarf to prevent shredding and
thread breaks. This needle is most appropriate for
rayon embroidery threads.
The Metallica Needle is constructed with a larger eye
and larger groove to provide trouble-free embroidery
with metallic threads.
Quilting Needle is designed to sew through several
layers of fabrics without damage. These needles have
a green band at the top of the needle for easy
Stretch needles are for synthetic suedes and elastic
knitwear. They are designed to prevent skipped
stitches common in sewing on these fabrics.  

Schmetz Needles  Janome Needles  

Muva - German Made  Organ Needles  

Overlock Needles  Specialty Needles  

General Purpose or Universal  
Have you heard this term before? This means the
needle is between a sharp and a ballpoint for most
fabrics. If you use this you will have good results as
long as it is not some type of specialty fabric. Most
popular size is 14.
Comes in an envelope of 10
Reg. 5.98
Internet Special $5.00

Asst'd General Purpose or Universal Needles  
This package gives you the most popular sizes of the
general purpose or universal type needles.
Reg. $3.99
Internet Special $3.10  

Blue Tip Needles  
The Blue Tip Needle is a Janome Exclusive. If you
have any problem fabric where you are getting
skipped stitches, put in a Blue Tip and you get
marvelous results. The Blue Tip is recommended for
Embroidery and Quiana as well. Size 11 only
Reg. $3.99
Internet Special $3.20  

Red Tip Size 14  
Created in the same style as the classic Blue Tip
needle, the Red Tip needle provides the extra
strength and durability needed for denser
embroidery and thicker fabrics. This size 14 needle is
equipped with a larger eye, which helps to prevent
thread breakage, which often occurs when working
with tricky threads, such as metallic.
Reg. $3.99
Internet Special $3.20  

Denim Needles  
The Denim Needle is for use on very densely woven
materials. The point is extra sharp for easier
penetration of these fabrics.
Reg. $3.99
Internet Special $3.20  

Needles - Topstitch Assorted Size 11 and 14  
Needles - Topstitch, Assorted Size 11 and 14
Set of two size 11 needles and three size 14 needles.
Reg. $3.99
Internet Special $3.20  

Titanium Needles for Embroidery Machines  
Last longer, runs cooler and has less sticky build-up.
Five needles per pack.
Reg. $6.99
Special Internet $5.99 Services Inc.

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