Caring for Your Machine
Micro Vacuum
Attachment Kit
Micro Attachments
Turn Your Vacuum Into
A Precision Cleaning Tool
Miniature attachments
harness the full power of your
vacuum for cleaning tight,
hard-to-reach spaces like cars
consoles, computers, electronic
equipment, sewing machines and
more. Easily attaches to the hose of
your home vacuum cleaner. Special
tips allow you to clean the bobbin
area and other tight spaces
thoroughly in and around your
sewing machines. Works on
computers too!
Includes universal adapter, 36"
hose, two brushes, crevice tool and
two extension wands.
Reg. $15.95
Special Internet $12.95  

Blow Off   

Removes dust, dirt and microscopic
debris from hard to reach areas of
home and office equipment.
Reg. $7.95
Special Internet $5.95  

Lint Brush
A great tool to remove lint from
the bobbin case area.  This should
be done every time you sit down
at your machine.
Reg. $1.50
Special Internet $1.25

Zoom Spout Oiler  
Zoom Spout oiler with 4 oz. clear,
stainless oil
Reg. $2.25
Special Internet $1.99  

Folding Lint Brush with Shoe Horn
Reg. $3.95
Special Internet $1.99 Services
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