Asst'd General Purpose or
Universal Needles
This package gives you the most popular
sizes of the general purpose or universal
type needles.
Reg. $3.99
Internet Special $3.10  

Blue Tip Needles  
The Blue Tip Needle is a Janome
Exclusive. If you have any problem
fabric where you are getting skipped
stitches, put in a Blue Tip and you get
marvelous results. The Blue Tip is
recommended for Embroidery and
Quiana as well. Size 11 only
Reg. $3.99
Internet Special $3.20  

Needles - Red Tip Size 14  
Created in the same style as the classic
Blue Tip needle, the Red Tip needle
provides the extra strength and
durability needed for denser embroidery
and thicker fabrics. This size 14 needle
is equipped with a larger eye, which
helps to prevent thread breakage, which
often occurs when working with tricky
threads, such as metallic.
Reg. $3.99
Internet Special $3.20  

Ball Point Size 11  
Preferred for stretch/knit fabrics
Specially designed with a rounded tip
that separates fabric fibers to prevent
skipping stitches or damaging fabric.Use
for fabrics such as cotton
knits, tricot, jersey knits, and swimsuit
Reg. $3.99
Internet Special $3.20  

Denim Needles  
The Denim Needle is for use on very
densely woven materials. The point is
extra sharp for easier penetration of
these fabrics.
Reg. $3.99
Internet Special $3.20  

Needles - Leather, Size 16  
Set of five size 16 leather needles.
Part Number: 990616000
Reg. $3.99
Special Internet $3.20  
Needles - Topstitch
Assorted Size 11 and 14
1 Set of two size 11 needles and three
size 14 needles.
Reg. $3.99
Internet Special $3.20 Services Inc.
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