Gingher 8" Knife Edge
Dressmaker Shear - G8  
Reg. $31.95
Special Internet $22.99
Special for Gingher Inc. are these 8” knife-edge scissors
and shears are ground with a very sharp edge that will cut
through even the thickest of fabrics. The stronger frame
and blades combined with the sharp knife edge makes
these scissors great for cutting drapery and upholstery
fabrics. The bent handle design allows a smoother cut and
ease of use for cutting on tabletops or other flat surfaces.
Also enclosed in the package is a protective casing that
allows for extra protection from the sharp edged blades.

Gingher Sharpening Stone - GS
Reg. $7.95
Internet $6.95  
Restore blade edges to their original sharpness in 5 to 6
seconds. This sharpening stone is used for sharpening
(honing) all knife edge scissors and shears. Includes
instructions and leather sheath.

Ginger Gold Gift Set  
Gingher 8 inch Knife Edge
& 3 1/2 inch Lion's Tail  
Reg. $51.50
Limited Supply Only $39.99  
Model No. G-8GS & Model No. G-LT Gift Set  
Reg. $51.50
Limited Supply Only $39.99  
Model No. G-8GS
8 inch knife edge dressmaker's shears, nickel-plated
blades, gold-plated handles, packaged in gift box with
molded nylon sheath
This item makes the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys
sewing or crafts. The knife edge lends these shears the
capability of cutting through multiple layers of fabric with
ease and also permits the user to resharpen the shears
with a sharpening stone when they begin to dull. Gold-
plated handles give these classic dressmaker's shears a
new, elegant look. Services Inc.
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