Mundial Cushion Grip Scissors
9 1/2" Multi - Layer Quilters Shears #859
A Delight to use!!!                        
They are ambidextrous scissors - so you can cut
either left or right-handed.  All 4 fingers fit into the
grip giving ultimate precision cuts.
CushionSoft™ scissors and shears with enlarged
finger bows and cushioned inserts are soft to the
touch with a non-slip grip to provide hours of cutting
comfort. This line of scissors and shears features
stainless steel blades, and has been designed for
maximum control and sharp, straight, accurate
Reg. $23.00
Internet Special $15.00  

Mundial Ergonomic Ambidextrous 8"
Dressmaker Shears #M1860
Multi-Layer Shears are used for cutting through
multiple layers of fabric as well as single layers of
thicker craft material. These shears feature heavy-
duty, extra long, stainless steel blades with a double
knife edge.
List Price: $18.75
Sale Price: $15.50  

Mundial Ergonomic Ambidextrous 8 1/2"
Pinking Shears # 1865  
Pinking Shears
are used for finishing seams with a resistant jagged
edge, which prevents the threads in the fabric from
coming undone and loose. They are also used for
decorative appliqué cutting.
Reg. $32.00
Internet Price: $15.00 Services Inc.
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